The Pi software isn’t complicated enough to require a formal upgrade process, but for those of you with installations who’d like to update to the latest version, here’s what you need to know.

The Pi’s software is located here; it’s a GitHub repository that can be updated any time:

The only thing you need to keep is the database file that contains the GPS data. Make a backup of it to another location like /home/pi before updating. Of course, if all your data has been synced off the Pi, then this is empty and you can ignore this.

To check if there’s any data that needs to be synced, plug your Pi into your home network and go to it’s status page in your browser. If the number shown is 0, there’s no local data to worry about.

/home/pi/OBD2SDK_Python/gps.db – The local GPS database file. If your Pi has synced it’s data, this is empty and you don’t have to worry about this.

Upgrade Instructions

Plug the Pi into your home network and SSH into it. You’ll delete the software, re-download the freshest copy from GitHub, then re-run the setup script. In the setup script, enter the same email address you were already using for your account. This ensures you keep the same API key.

sudo rm -rf /home/pi/OBD2SDK_Python
git clone https://github.com/BizDevGeek/OBD2SDK_Python.git
cd /home/pi/OBD2SDK_Python
python setup.py

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