Sync vehicle data to cloud service

Sync the local data to the cloud service

Now that some GPS data has been generated and is stored on the SD card, we’ll sync it up to the cloud service. runs a default server for this purpose for convenience, but you can set your own up too with this GitHub code. Once it’s uploaded, it’s removed from the Pi. Your data is now remotely stored.

Your Pi will automatically sync it’s GPS data to the cloud any time it has an internet connection. As of 2014-11-24 all you have to do is plug the Pi into an ethernet jack so it has a connection. It’ll do the rest. The instructions below are for syncing the data manually which you no longer need to do.

To do this, bring your Pi out of your car and into your home. Then plug an ethernet cable into it so you can SSH into it.

  1. cd /home/pi/OBD2SDK_Python/
  2. python
  3. The script will display # of records to sync. These go slowly as each record is sent via a web API call. The sync script keeps running, even after the local buffer is empty. Press (Ctrl+C) to shut it down after it’s done.
  4. The data is now in the cloud storage service. You can generate a map from it.

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