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Raspberry Pi Dash Cam using Motion

One of the most useful features of the Black Box Pi is hooking different sensors to it, like a dash cam. I left this feature out initially as I was focused on GPS and OBDII data. However, you can easily plug in a webcam and set it up on the Pi to record. Motion is the most popular program in Linux to do this. The trick is getting the configuration just right to optimize the recording as a dash camera.

I’ve setup a Pi with Motion and had it running for a couple of weeks now non-stop as a stress test. As before, the Pi tends to crash after a few days of recording. It’s good to have this as a baseline. For our purposes, this won’t be an issue as the Pi will only be running while your car is; no more than an hour at a time or whatever your commute normally is.

The key is the Motion config file. I’ll post this up soon as well as install instructions.

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  1. I’m definitely havnig fun with Motion X GPS, but I’m already looking for ways to boost my iPhone’s battery life- probably some kind of AA battery pack with usb power out so I can actually use it for rides longer than an hour or two. Of course the dream set up would be a front dynamo hub with a usb jack.As far as the caching goes there’s an option to boost your cache size as much as 256MB. Then you just follow the route you want to have map coverage on in advance and it should store all the images.

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