Raspberry Pi 2 Dash Cam and Black Box

The day that the new Raspberry Pi 2 came out, I ordered one from the official distributor. It’s been in my server closet ever since, preparing it as a test platform for black box duty with added dash cam responsibilities. I’m still configuring and tweaking Motion so we can have a more stable dash camera platform. The Raspberry Pi Model B+ would occassionaly hang after running Motion for too long. With much beefier specs, I’m going to push this one a lot harder with higher frame rates and higher resolution.

For a related application as a home security server, I’ve experimented using the Pi w/ Motion and immediate live backup to another server. To do this I’m using BTSync. It’s not a stable version yet, but it works amazingly well. The problem is that the version available for the Pi tends to crash it sometimes. So it’s useless as a standalone dedicated system. With the Pi 2, I’m going to set that up again and see how it fairs running BTSync.

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