Post-setup Usage

After your Pi is up and running and working with the Black Box Pi software, here are some things worth noting that you can do with your Pi.

Status Page

A web based status page runs on the Pi which displays status information from the Black Box Pi software. Simply point your browser to your Pi’s IP. This is the same IP you’ve been using to connect to the Pi via SSH. Assuming it’s on your local network, it would be something like this:

Background Services

These are the services that run in the background to log and sync GPS data.

/etc/init/gpslogger.conf – Runs the Python script which reads GPS data from the USB receiver and logs it to the local database.

/etc/init/gpssync.conf – Runs the Python script which reads GPS data from the database and uploads it to the Black Box Pi web service API.

To start or stop either of these services, use these commands:

sudo service gpslogger start
sudo service gpslogger stop
sudo service gpssync start
sudo service gpssync start




2 thoughts on “Post-setup Usage”

    1. Hi Mike,

      GPSd looks interesting. I like that it creates an abstraction layer to make GPS data easier to use. It could definitely be done. Install GPSd on the Pi and use that instead of the Python scripts I wrote which use gpsctl to get NMEA data straight off the GPS receiver.

      It depends on how you want to use it though. For example, the Python scripts log GPS data to SQLite3 database (gps.db). So any other app can read that data which makes it easily accessible. And the sync scripts upload to a server so that you can access it that way and through APIs to standardize it more.

      Email me if you want to discuss further:


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