New feature: Auto-sync

The Black Box Pi car black box computer will now automatically sync GPS data any time it has an internet connection. This is a big step in usability and ease of use.

The prior method involved taking the Pi out of your car, plugging it in at home, connecting to it via SSH, and finally running a Python script to sync the data.

That sync script is now running in the background. Any time there’s an active internet connection then data is being uploaded to the server. You’ll still have to take the Pi home and plug it in, but that’s all. No more SSH’ing into the Pi. It silently syncs up all the data in the background.

The constant syncing takes up very little bandwidth. Here’s a speedometer readout. You can get this by typing:

speedometer -tx eth0


Next Step

Add a USB WiFi adapter to the Pi so it constantly looks for open WiFi access points to get a connection. It can be configured to look for open APs or pre-defined APs such as your phone’s hotspot, home WiFi, or MiFi.

This discussion gives plenty of easy to setup options. They’ll be included in the Pi’s setup.

With the WiFi adapter, the Pi will much more easily sync it’s data off the local SD card and onto the server.

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