Motorcycle dash cam and GPS logger

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Motorcycle riding is a major passion of mine. I ride as much as I can during the spring/summer/fall months. And since I’m a major proponent of ATTGAT, that means I’m fully geared up for every possible weather scenario. On a recent drive out to Keene, NH, I came across some beautiful scenery and saw some wonderful things. My favorite was a family of baby ducks and their mother trying to cross the road. The mother kept battling to get past my line because cars kept driving past without stopping. Finally I was the only vehicle to stop and let them cross. First off, what major jerk doesn’t stop to let a family of baby ducks cross a street? Second, I realized how great it would’ve been if I had a dashcam to record the incident.

That’s when I remembered that the Black Box Pi is just as applicable to a motorcycle as it is to a car. In fact, since I’m big on trip logging, the GPS logging would be even more fun than the more day-to-day utility of doing it for a car.

Keep in mind one of the big advantage to logging GPS data through a motorcycle black box like this instead of through your smartphone is that your phone’s battery isn’t being drained at such a drastic rate. My battery already barely lasts me a full day on the bike. Going in and out of service works the phone more as it tries to find a signal. Add GPS logging, and you’ve got yourself a dead phone pretty quick.

Tonight I’m going to go out and buy another Pi, another USB GPS receiver and a cheap webcam. Once I get access to the 12 volt accessory port on the bike, it’s a trivial process to hook it all up and get it going. Stay tuned for details and instructions as soon as I get this done. Here’s everything I’m buying tonight to get this started.

Motorcycle dash cam and GPS logger

Everything listed below is available from except the last item (Pi UPS) which is produced by a German company. There’s a US distributor that carries it.

  • Raspberry Pi (Model B)
  • 32 GB SD Card
  • USB Micro cable
  • AC/USB adapter
  • GPS receiver
  • Pi UPS

 All the items above work out to around $140 total.


3 thoughts on “Motorcycle dash cam and GPS logger”

    1. I got it running using the GPS on Raspberry Pi so I could track where I’d gone on the motorcycle. Didn’t try it yet with the dash cam as there are too many cables that way and when I tried it once they kept falling onto the engine block and burning. So I just need to string them through better.

  1. Hi i understand you may not have you system set up and redy for actual riding but could you post pictures of your set up and and overview of the enitre project? im trying to get started on a similar project and seeing what you have so far would be helpful.


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