The Black Box Pi software is still hobby-level software, but with our extensive getting started guides, you can be up and running with just a few simple commands.


  • GPS logging
  • Status page on the Pi displays system information
  • Runs silently in background. No need to turn on a smartphone app to record your driving. Anytime your car is on, the Black Box Pi is running.
  • Auto-sync – The Pi syncs its data to the cloud any time it’s connected to the internet
  • Modular – Plug in any sensors you wish, which will be included in the future but can be easily added: OBD2 reader, dash cam, compass, 3 axis accelerometer, temperature, etc.
  • Open source – All the Pi’s car black box software and also the server API it connects to is on GitHub


  • Easily available commercial hardware
  • Everything can be bought from Amazon
  • Cheap components. No special purpose or custom made pieces.


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A Pi powered black box and cloud storage for your car