About Us

This project is managed by Jozef Nagy from SK Solutions LLC. Jozef has a decade of experience with enterprise IT systems in the health insurance industry. His knowledge includes software development, database design, and systems architecture. All that experience is brought to this project to provide a robust storage and analysis engine to store your car’s analytics. A strict adherence to HIPAA regulations ensures that your data is properly stored and managed.

Your data is always going to remain yours. Unlike the current trend in the commercial medical devices space, all your Black Box Pi data can be stored on your own server and under your control.

The history of this project is that it grew initially as a private project experimenting with a Raspberry Pi. After seeing the potential to others, and getting some interest from friends, Joe decided to open source his code, expand on his documentation, and share every detail of this project.

Jozef Nagy

Jozef’s background information on LinkedIn.

Contact Info

Email: contact@blackboxpi.com
Twitter: @BlackBoxPi


A Pi powered black box and cloud storage for your car