Raspberry Pi Zero – What it means for us

They’ve done it again, the Raspberry Pi now has an edition at only $5 that’s more than capable for this project. I have been using a Model B and the new 2 for a while now. The project specs were built on it. However, the data logging and transfer could easily run on the lower spec’d Zero.

Startup costs on this project just got cheaper. You’ll still want a USB GPS for logging vehicle travel, and a OBDII reader to read engine diagnostics. But with a cheaper Pi, overall project cost just went down significantly. And it’s already cheap to turn your car into a Fitbit.

The geek Mecca, Microcenter, in Cambridge, MA is sold out of Zeros. As soon as they’re back in stock I’ll be getting some to use for this project.

Rear facing camera

With a Zero being only $5, it’s possible to use a dedicated computer just for having a rear facing camera in your car without having to run wires to the main Pi. You can keep it all together in one package and record a rear facing dash cam every time you drive.